PYC has provided a launch for kayakers!

A kayaker paddling to or from the PYC can now exit and enter their kayak with less effort at our new launching dock.  The widths of the launch platform are 26" at the bow end, and 31" at the stern end. 


PYC's 1st Kayak Race-July 8th, 2016

Second Kayak Race for 2016

In a heart-pounding, dramatic photo finish, the PYC's second kayak race on Pentwater Lake met the heightened expectations that were set in a flurry of pre-race publicity.  (Well okay, maybe this is a bit overstated.)  Dick Johnson, guiding his classic, rudder-equipped, Necci Zoar Sport LV lake kayak made by Old Town to a decisive, 100-yard win over the scrappy LaBarge-Beeber couple, who competed in a pair of Heritage Feather-Lite kayaks that slipped from side-to-side as much as they moved forward with each stroke of their paddles.  In a nod to maintain -- and promote -- marital harmony, Ms. LaBarge came in second, and Beeber followed in third place.  There were no other entries.  "Wait till next year," each of the three competitors said as they emptied their cockpits of water that had washed in from the rough seas.  (Well, okay, the water was fairly flat.)