2018 Flag Officers

Commodore: Larry Conroy: 630.605.9054 email: Commodore@pentwateryachtclub.com

Vice Commodore: Jim Hieftje: 231.414.6053 email: Vicecommodore@pentwateryachtclub.com

Rear Commodore: Amy LaBarge: 313.498.0155 email: Rearcommodore@pentwateryachtclub.com

Treasurer: Aleksy Urick.: 231.343.4619 email: Treasurer@pentwateryachtclub.com

Secretary: Barb Siok  email: Secretary@pentwateryachtclub.com


2018 PYC Board

2018 Committee Chairs

Apparel: Valerie Bass, Chair: 720.253.9593 email: valski01@comcast.net


Back From the Mac: Laura Ellam, Chair: 616.558.8794 email: laura.ellam@gfs.com

Boating Safety Committee: Bill Bluhm, Chair: 231.852.8851 email: gwbluhm@frontier.com  

Bylaws:  Dave Roseman, Chair: 231.873.7176 email: dlr@eolas.com

Building Maintenance and Improvement: George Mikulyuk, Chair: 231.869.5211 email: gmikulyuk9522@charter.net

Card Corner Committee: Jean "Tink" Witt Chair 231.869.4291 email: tinkwitt@hotmail.com

Centennial Fund: Larry Konopka, Chair: 231.869.2721 email:

Club Appearance, Beautification, and Design : Lisa Baker, Chair: 231.869.4680 email: lbaker2410@gmail.com

Communications (Newsletter/Website): Ron Beeber, Chair: 313.498.0155 email: ron.beeber@gmail.com

Directory/Yearbook: Chris Conroy, Chair:  630.606.8301   email: chconroy57@gmail.com

Finance: Marilyn Steiner, Chair: 231.218.8906  email: logcabin1@chartermi.net 

Flowers and Landscape: Judy Pazol, Chair  248.505.1416 email: jppazol@aol.com

History and Tradition: Marsha LaHaye, Chair 231.301.3388 email: marshalahaye@gmail.com

House Committee: Jim Hieftje, Chair:  231.414.6325  email: jimhieftje@gmail.com 

Insurance: Jack Vanderwall, Chair: 231.730.1333 email: jackvanderwall@gmail.com 

Marina Task Force: Co-chairs  Frode Maaseidvaag: 231.869.5080  email: mmaaseidvaag@ameritech.net; and Alan Burmester: 989.513.5452  email: alanburmester@gmail.com

Membership: Micki Slocum, Chair: 231.742.1363 email: mickislocum@gmail.com

Nominating: Amy LaBarge, Chair: 313.268.2086 email: labeeber@aol.com

Planning: Co-Chairs Dave Peterhans: 248.645.1625 email: lpeterhans@sbcglobal.net: Sue Patterson: 2517.673.2442 email: patterson112665@gmail.com

PYC Youth: 

Regatta: Mike Bass, Chair: 630.423.1580 email: mikebass02@comcast.net

Social: Claudia Ressel-Hodan, Chair: 231.233.9717 email: cjhodan@gmail.com

Stations: Carl Thoreson Co Chair 850.242.9680 email: cwthoreson@gmail.com    

Technology Support: Mike LaHaye, Chair: 231.233.6140 email: lahaye313@gmail.com                        

Thursday Night Dinners: Amy LaBarge, Chair 313.268.2086 email: labeeber@aol.com

Webmaster: Mary Marshall 734.780.6834  email: pentwatermary@gmail.com

Wooden and Classic Boat Show: Dave Peterhans, Chair: 231.869.4300 email: lpeterhans@sbcglobal.net