2019 Flag Officers

Commodore: Jim Hieftje: 231.414.6053 email:

Vice Commodore: Amy LaBarge: 313.268.2086 email: 

Rear Commodore: Russ Cross: 515.710.8969  email: 

Treasurer: Nancy Zielinski: 863.484.0720 email:

Secretary: Barb Siok  email:

Committee Chairs

Apparel Valerie Bass/Julie Coughlin co-chairs

Boating Safety Bill Bluhm/Russ Murphy co-chairs

Building Maintenance George Mikulyuk

Bylaws Sally Butz

Card Corner Jean “Tink” Witt

Centennial Fund Larry Konopka

Club Appearance Lisa Baker

Communications Ron Beeber

Finance Marilyn Stiener

Flowers and Landscaping Judy Pazol

History and Tradition Megan Hannemann

House Amy LaBarge

Insurance Jack Vanderwall

Membership Macy Felter

Nominating Russ Cross

Planning                Judy Pazol

PYC Youth Pam Slotsema

Regatta Mike Bass

Social Carol Nauta, Peggy Candela – Co Chairs

Stations Paul Slotsema

Back from the Mac             Laura Ellam

Thursday Night Dinners Russ Cross