Off Shore Race Results

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Race Results

Race June 12th  1st Sojurn  2nd Buzzin Off

Race June 18th  1st Baby J  2nd Evening Star 3rd Sunflight 4th Buzzin Off

Race June 25th  Baby J, Evening Star, Miller Time, Sunflight, Le Bon Temps, Sojurn

Race July 10th  

1st Evening Star, 2nd Baby J, 3rd  Miller Time, 4th  Sunflight, 5th  Buzzin Off,  DNF Sojourn

Off Shore Complete Summary

Ensign Fleet 70

Racing results for August, 8/30 and 9/03

Now that our fearless leader for 2016 as departed for fall and winter adventures, I'm tasked with providing results for this past weeks racing.                                                                               All that I can report for Tuesday, August 30 is that a race took place, that Dave Roseman was the PRO, Beth ran the start flags and called the boat numbers, Mary Sue pushed the button for the line horn, Sara ran the timer, and Joanie recorded the results.  Course 2 was sailed and the following order of finish was recorded:  Troll, Dragonfly, Hold On, Amour, M&M, List & Sail and Joan!!!.                                                                                                                                                  As a participant in the final Championship Race of 2016 on Saturday, September 3, I can be a bit more descriptive.  Eleven boats came to the starting line for a race that was started at 12:15 as we waited for winds to build.  All racing Ensigns for 2016 with the exception of Eagle were present as PRO Bill Ribbens set course 5, mindful of light winds forecasted for the afternoon. Starboard was favored but a few chose the riskier port tack approach and suffered right of way ducking and penalty turns.  As typical of a light wind day, places changed rapidly on the beat to A with Joan!!! and Kerrie Ann finding better luck in the middle of the lake.  The leg from A to B was another guessing game as Shamrock stayed closer to the rhumb line which paid dividends as the short increases in velocity were lifts to the mark.  The wind hole at B made for a slow, difficult rounding for the lead boats, Shamrock, Troll, Joan!!! and Kerrie Ann.  Shamrock ghosted around the mark first and experienced a phenomenon all too common on Pentwater Lake.  The new wind filled in for Shamrock from the northwest going, from less than 5 knots to 10-12 knots (a 180 degree shift), but took almost five minutes to reach the remaining boats still struggling to get around B.  At that moment it looked like 11 boats were sailing on 11 different courses!  Shamrock took that advantage and held it through to the finish line.  Final order of finish was Shamrock, Joan!!!, Kerrie Ann, Troll, M&M, Dragonfly, Kick n Back, Amour, Hold On, List & Sail, and Spitfire.                                                                                As always, thank you to Joanie, Beth, Mary Sue, Sara and Joanie for being our RC!

As a reminder we have schedule two fall races for September 10 and September 17.  Quintus is the schedued PRO for the 10th and Mike LaHaye for the 17th.And, please plan on attending the Regatta Banquet on September 24 at the PYC.  More details to follow.Mike

Minutes of Fleet Meeting

Sailing report for 8/16

Tuesday evening had winds from the WNW at about 10 mph.  David Roseman was the PRO, and chose course 2 (Jack P's favorite of 'once around the lake').  6 boats came to the line for a downwind start.  Dragonfly watched as our mainsail halyard took a trip up the mast to the top, as it was not secured to the ring.  Joan!!! And Troll started with spinnakers.  Winds were light at the start, and it was questionable if the spinnaker was the best combination.  Joan!!! Got the headsail working.  I did not see the rest of the race so my report has an intermission until the boats came around Snug Harbor.  Coming down the channel was Kick n Back, Joan!!!, Troll ( again lifting around Snug), Eagle, Hold-on and List & Sail.  That was the order of finish.  My sailing was not good, but the beer was great!  Thanks to RC Joanie, Ruth, Beth, and Sara.       We did not race on Saturday, as impending thunderstorm, lightning, and heavy rain was happening as the Annual Meeting was ending.  We organized a Fleet 70 meeting and the notes are included in this report.                                                                                                                        It was my pleasure to step in for David Bluhm this year, and many thanks to Mike Bass to replace me for next year, effective 8/28. I have enjoyed reporting the races FROM MY POINT OF VIEW.  I'm sure there are other opinions on what happened, but a race is a dynamic event, and many changes and variations happen.  Thanks for letting a great bunch of sailors let me be their Captain.                           Andy Noble

Results for the Second week of August

This summer, we have been plagued by light winds.  Tuesday's race was more of the same.  PRO was Mike Lindvall who chose course 4:  S-C-D-T-A-F, which could be shortened at the T mark.  All boats had a fair start on the reach to C mark.  Troll and Shamrock set spinnakers, however the reaching boats were as fast, or faster, so only Shamrock carried the spinnaker to C.  M&M is a reaching maniac, and outran the fleet to C mark, and stayed ahead for the balance of the race.  Hold on rounded C with M&M and winds went light going to D.  In the beat to the T mark, Hold on took the shore route, Shamrock went out into the lake.  Dragonfly was trapped by Troll, and had to tack into the lake.  Several tacks later, we watched Troll again lift around Snug Harbor without a tack.  Winds again went light going to the T mark.  The A mark was a parade, and at the finish, 3 boats- Troll, Dragonfly and Eagle had a drag race to finish 15 seconds in total finish time.  Order of finish was M&M, Hold on, Shamrock, Troll, Eagle, and Dragonfly.  Thanks to Joan, Beth and Sara for the dependable Race Committee work.

Saturday's race was postponed by 30 minutes waiting for winds to freshen and the threat of a thundershower to pass.  PRO was Frode, who again chose Course 4.  At the start, winds were WNW at 8-10 MPH.  It was a spinnaker start with one boat over early, and 3 spinnaker set boats hitting the line shortly after the gun.  We had our usual jibe at the Charlie's point, and boats held their chutes to the C mark.  We hardened up on the jibe to D, and the beat to T began.  There were many position changes and port/starboard occasions.  The usual tricky winds in the channel made the T mark a challenge.  A mark was rounded with Kerri Ann (without spinnaker) leading the way.  It was noted and advised to Kerri Ann the the reaching strut must be attached to the mast, and not held, or anchored to a shroud.  Order of finish:  Kerri Ann, Shamrock, Troll, Hold on, Dragonfly, Kick-n-Back, List & Sail, and Joan!!!.  Thanks to Joan, Beth, Sara, our great Race Committee.  

The 2 remaining races in the Champion Series are Aug. 20 and Sept 3.  Current standings with 2 throw-outs are:  Shamrock, Troll, Kick n Back, Spitfire, Dragonfly and M&M tied for 5th), Hold on, Eagle, Kerri Ann, List & Sail, Amore, and Joan!!!. There is a Fleet 70 Meeting scheduled for 11:00 AM on Sat. 9/20 before our race.

Results for the First week of August

Tuesday's race again had light winds from the W at 5-8, shifting to NW @10.  Mike LaHa ye was the PRO and selected a shortened course 4, which was S-C-D-F, due to light winds.  5 boats came to the line, and spinnakers were set at Snug Harbor.  Dragonfly was 4th at that time.  We passed the other 4 boats, and was first around C, and rounded D before the rest of the fleet rounded C.  We tried to follow wind lines for tacks.  At Snug Harbor, Kick n Back followed the shore and lifted around Snug. ( you would think we would learn, as Frode does this also). We tacked twice to finish, and saw K-n-B not finishing, but rounding the Turning mark, and heading for A.  The RC hadn't shortened the course with the flag and horn.  KnB was awarded first, Dragonfly, Eagle, M&M, and Hold on followed.  Thanks to Joanie, Mary Sue, Ruth, and Sara for their RC work.

Saturday's race saw fresher wind of 10-15 with gusts of 20 out of the NW.  Mike LaHaye also took the PRO job from Hold on, and selected course 6: S-C-T-A-B-F.  Kick n Back and Shamrock got great spinnaker starts, and all but M&M and Amore flew spinnakers to the C mark.  We were late getting to the starting line, and trailed the fleet to the C mark.  The windward leg to the Turn, we did some fine boat positioning and there were 2 boats ahead of Dragonfly at Snug Harbor.  We lost all boat positions with bad tacks and shifting winds, and could not recover.  The order of finish in a Sprint to the finish with Kick n Back, and Shamrock was exciting with 2 seconds of difference in time, with Kick n Back finishing first, Shamrock, Eagle, Troll, M&M, Amore, Joan!!!, and Dragonfly.  Thanks again to Beth, Mary Sue, Sara, and Joanie for their Super Work!


Captain, Andy

Ensign racing report for the week of July 30

Tuesday's race saw 10 boats come to the line.  PRO was Frode, who chose Patterson's favorite(?) course 2, once around the lake- S-A-C-D-B-F.  We had light winds of 3-6 MPH, so the start was a mixed bag of boats going in every direction except to the starting line.  Eagle had it's act together, and finished in 1 hour 5 minutes.  Kerry Ann second 58 seconds behind, and the rest of the fleet finished Dragonfly, M&M, Shamrock (who was over the line early, and had to re-start), Kick-n-Back, Troll, List & Sail, Joan!!!, and dragging the keel again, after a 'super' start was DNF Hold-ON.  RC was Joan, Beth Mary Sue, Sara, and Ruth.  Many thanks ladies!

Saturday's race again had light winds of 3-6, but in wind shafts all over the lake.  Frode also the PRO and chose course 4,  S-C-D-T-(could shorten) A-F.  Dragonfly had a good start and headed down the lake.  Kick-n-Back was over early and had to restart.  We were tracking Shamrock toward D, and she tacked into the lake (at the recommendation of Mike's crew).  We stayed on the South shoreline getting lifts, but Mike and 3 other boats rounded ahead of us.  Shamrock got clearly ahead of the fleet, and there was a match race for 2-3 spot with Dragonfly and Spitfire at Snug Harbor.  Spitfire stayed inshore, and we opted for the mid of the lake.  You can't believe the sound of the whole fleet coming up at 5 Knots with a good wind filling in from the East, and we were doing 1-1/2 Knots.  The order of finish was: Shamrock, Spitfire, Troll, List & Sail, Hold-on, Dragonfly, Eagle, Amour, Kick-n-Back, and M&M.  Great turn-out for both races this week, and please hope for better winds for the rest of the season.  Thanks again to our Great RC of Joan, Bev, Sara Mary Sue and Sara.


Good News:  Mike Bass has stepped-up to be the Fleet Captain when I leave in late August, and next year.  Thanks, Mike.  

Summary of the Region 5 Regatta

Our racing was scheduled for a 5 race series over 3 days with 2 back-to-back races on Friday 7/22, 2 on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday.  If 5 races were completed, 1 throw-out is allowed.  Well Mother Nature had something to say about our plans.  2 races were held on Friday.  There was insufficient sailing winds on Saturday, so racing was cancelled.  Sunday saw storms hit us with lots of rain that began about 11:00 with storm cells following.  It was agreed to cancel sailing on Sunday, so the Regatta was determined by the races completed on Friday.  Team Conkey from the Cleveland area won the regatta with 2 first places, and won the Fleet flag, and a bottle of fine bourbon, and the Great Lakes Region 5 Trophy.  Second place was a tie between Joan !!! And Shamrock, as both boats each had a #2 and #3 finish in the 2 races.  I determined a tie breaker by adding the time of finish from #1 boat.  Joan !!! Time in the 2 races combined was 3 minutes and 59 seconds (the first race was only a 4 second difference!; Shamrock's combined time was 1 minute and 56 seconds, so the Second place was awarded to team Shamrock, and team Joan !!! Was awarded third place.  Troll was fourth with 2 fourth place finished.  5th and 6th was also a tie with M&M and Spitfire.  M&M was fifth by 1 minute ahead of Spitfire.  Dragonfly was 7th, and 8th and 9th was a tie between Amore and Hold-on.  Amore had a 1 minute finish ahead of Hold-on, so the JAR OF PICKLES was awarded to team Doug and Brad on Hold-on.   Please see the great pictures here

Sailing reports for Tue., 6/21 and Sat. 6/25                                                                                          We had plenty of wind this last week, as both days had races that finished in less than 2 hours.  On Tuesday, 5 boats came to the line with Mike LaHaye the PRO.  Course 4 was selected: C,D,T,A,F.  Winds were gusty out of the NE.  After the start, positions going into the C mark with Kick n Back rounding first, with Dragonfly, Troll, Hold-on and Amore following.  We jibed at C and reached to D.  We had many lifts and headers with the variable winds, and after rounding Snug Harbor, had a 'foot race" to the line with Dragonfly and Troll.  The order of finish was Kick n Back, Troll, Dragonfly, Hold-On, and Amore.  Race Committee was Joan, Ruth, Beth, Sara, and Joann. Eight Boats came to the like on Saturday for Champion Race 2 of the season.  Larry Conroy was PRO and chose course 8: A,B,T,C,D,F.  Winds were gusty with WSW winds.  Winning time was 1:15 with the fresh winds.  There was a collision at the start between Kick n Back and Shamrock, which was damaged.  No protest was filed.  Gusts were high at the Snug Harbor and many of us 'washed our decks'.  As usual, there was a lull at the A mark, but improved going to B in the open lake.  The order of finish was:  Kick n Back, Troll, Shamrock, (all very close), M&M, Hold-on, Spitfire, Dragonfly and Joan III.  Thanks again to Race Committee, Joan, Beth, Mary Sue, Joann, and Sara


Larry Conroy is PRO on Tuesday.  There is no race on Saturday, July 2, as there is the Boat Parade and 4th of July activities.  


Captain Andy

Saturday June 18  Race 1 of the Championship series June 18  

The skippers met at the PYC deck at 11:30 for PRO, Mike LaHaye's race course selection, and Fleet comments.  The winds were calm to 4K out of the WNW, so we decided on a 30 minute delay to our 12:00 normal start sequence.  Winds filled in, and 8 boats came to the line for the start.  We had a spinnaker start, and the sight of the fleet sailing to Snug Harbor was great!  Course 4 was selected:  C,D,T,A,Finish.  Shamrock was in the lead going to C after several spinnaker jibes.  Dragonfly second.  We were able to reach our spinnaker, with the jib hoisted to the D mark.  The beat to the Turn mark was a hunt to find a wind shaft, and stay on the favored tack to the mark.  I sum sorry that I don't know the drama of the boats behind us, as I was a spinnaker trimmer and jib tacker, as new owner Don McGahan helmed the boat.  As the Fleet approached Snug Harbor we heard the "shorten course" horn, as we were approaching the 2 hour race point.  The order of finish was:  

       Shamrock @ 1:50:35   Dragonfly @ 1:52:30   

Amore, Troll,   Spitfire,  Hold-On,  Kick n Back,  M&M

Thanks to the SUPER Race Committee headed by Joan VanZile, Sara, Beth, and Mary Sue for their loyal support of our sailing fleet. 

Captain Andy

Saturday June 4thSaturday June 4th saw three boats on the line for a Tune Up Race for the Ensign boats. M & M skippered by Mike LaHaye lead the field all the way around the course to come in first.  He had an all girl crew of Marsha LaHaye, Julie Nelson and Marilyn Thoerson.  Second place went to Skipper Larry Conroy with crew Chris Conroy and Carl Thoerson on "Kick N Back". Third over the line was new boat owners of "Hold On" Doug Nelson and Brad Davis with Tom Marriot.   A fun time was had by all.  Following the race, a beverage was had by all while sitting on the deck in our brand new patio furniture.  

Soling Race Results

Congratulations to RB Carter representing Pentwater Model Yacht Club, sailing out of Pentwater Yacht Club, finished second at a Soling regatta June 4th at Luck Lake in Rothbury. RB prevailed despite challenging winds and a very experienced group of competitors. RB has established Pentwater Yacht Club as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive world of radio controlled Solings! Congratulations RB Carter